Protect your heart power and restore your youthfulness, ROCitin Coenzyme Q10 & PQQ are newly launched!

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The heart is the source of vitality.

It is the source of life force, day and night, summer and winter.

It provides us with a constant source of vitality

However, the continuous running of the heart

It's a heavy burden on the heart

What can we do to maintain the health of the heart?


When it comes to Coenzyme Q10, most people feel relatively unfamiliar, just vaguely heard that it has a protective effect on the heart in the medical commonly used in cardiovascular diseases, but in fact, the role of Coenzyme Q10 is much more than that.


So is Coenzyme Q10, a "star" product, really that amazing? What other benefits does it have on the human body?


What is Coenzyme Q10?

CoenzymeQ10 is a naturally occurring compound that is widely distributed in animals and humans. It not only scavenges free radicals and improves immunity, but also protects and improves the function of the liver, brain, heart and nervous system, and plays an important role in mitochondrial energy metabolism in particular.


Although the human body can synthesise Coenzyme Q10 on its own, the efficiency of synthesis will gradually decrease. Studies have found that in most organs of the human body, the level of coenzyme Q10 reaches its peak at the age of 20 and continues to decline with age.




Coenzyme Q10 also has the advantage around it - it has been called the "universal nutrient" by Nobel Prize winner Linus Carl Pauling.


Linus Carl Pauling believes that supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 can help lower blood pressure, improve blood lipids, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease such as atherosclerosis, enhance the body's immunity and health, and even prevent and treat certain diseases.



Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry -- Linus Carl Pauling


Noteworthy, China Heart Failure Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines 2018

China Expert Consensus on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult Blastomyocarditis

Coenzyme 010 is officially recommended as an adjunctive pharmacological therapy to improve cardiac energy metabolism and thus cardiac function in patients.


Coenzyme Q10 is also an important element that directly affects the body's immune system and the aging process. If the body is deficient in Coenzyme Q10, the body will experience many problems, such as arrhythmia, heart failure, atherosclerosis, heart attack, etc.


What are the effects of Coenzyme Q10 on the human body?


Scavenging free radicals, delaying aging

Free radicals are generated at any time during the body's life activities and metabolic processes. These free radicals are unstable and react with proteins, lipids, DNA and other biomolecules in an oxidative manner, thereby damaging their structures. This oxidative reaction leads to DNA damage, which is the main cause of aging. Through exogenous supplementation of Coenzyme Q10, the body's antioxidant capacity can be strengthened to reduce the damage of free radicals to DNA, thereby slowing down the aging process.




Protecting the Heart

The source of vitality of the human heart begins not only at the cellular level, but also with the major nutrient Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 improves the health of heart patients by increasing their physical strength, lowering their blood pressure, reducing the chance of heart attack or stroke, and improving the condition of heart patients. Therefore, Coenzyme Q10 is not only useful for ordinary heart disease patients, but has also been used in combination with other drugs to treat and save patients with many advanced heart diseases.




Protecting the Brain

The brain is the most important part of the human body besides the heart. Coenzyme Q10 ensures the healthy functioning of the brain and nerve cells, providing sufficient energy to keep them active at all times. Therefore, CoQ10 can help in the treatment of stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients.




Relieve fatigue

Studies have shown that 95% of the body's energy production is related to CoQ10. Coenzyme Q10 keeps cells in good health and is a natural antioxidant and cellular metabolism initiator produced by the cells themselves, ensuring that the body is energetic and mentally alert, and usually is the favour of most of athletes.




Skin Protection

Coenzyme Q10 has excellent antioxidant, free radical scavenging function, can increase the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin, improve skin moisture content, thereby enhancing the vitality of keratinocytes, so that the skin smooth, elasticity, effective prevention of skin aging, reduce facial wrinkles. Therefore, many skin care products also contain coenzyme Q10.




Enhancement of immunity

Due to the powerful scavenging function of free radicals, the antioxidant capacity of Coenzyme Q10 is 50 times that of vitamin E. It can effectively strengthen the human immune system to enhance immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour aspects have a more obvious effect, and it also has a certain effect on the clinical treatment of late-stage metastatic cancer.




Helps with Pregnancy Preparation

Coenzyme Q10 is a nutritional supplement that effectively reduces oxidative stress in the body, restores mitochondrial function, and improves the quality and quantity of oocytes in female patients. Taking Coenzyme Q10 during pregnancy can improve the ovarian function of female patients and help to increase fertility.




How to supplement Coenzyme Q10?

1. Dietary supplements

Although CoQ10 can be obtained from fish, fish oils and animal organs, the contribution from food is small and animal organs are high in lipids and should not be consumed in large quantities.


Foods Containing Coenzyme Q10 and Their Levels

Coenzyme Q10 content per kg of food (mg)



Coenzyme Q10 content


Coenzyme Q10 content

Pacific saury


Heart of the Pig


Pig Liver


Black carp


Pork Waist






Brown rice




Chinese cabbage


Oilseed rape





2. Supplements

When the amount of coenzyme Q10 in the diet is not sufficient to significantly increase the level of coenzyme Q10 in the body, it can be supplemented by nutritional supplements.

Coenzyme Q10 supplements can be taken as a dietary supplement as they are safer and have no significant side effects.


ROCitin CoQ-10&PQQ Newly Launched


Since the launch of NMN, ROCitin has won the recognition and trust of many customers for its excellent quality and effectiveness. As a company with scientific and rigorous product standards as its cornerstone, ROCitin is always committed to empowering human health and contributing to the healthy development of the anti-aging industry.




Now, ROCitin introduces a new product, Coenzyme Q10, which will be your partner in the journey of health and help you get to the top of your life! Coenzyme Q10 is an important nutrient that plays a vital role in the human body. It is involved in the physiological processes of energy production, antioxidant and cell protection, which is important for maintaining health and slowing down the aging process.


Dual Power for Heart Health


In addition to the reduced form of Coenzyme Q10, which is better absorbed by the body, PQQ, a longevity factor, has been added to the highly effective ROCitin's Coenzyme Q10 to provide additional protection for your health.


PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a rare redox substance, known as the "fuel additive" of life, which is unique in its ability to act directly on cells to stimulate their natural vitality. Numerous studies have shown that PQQ can significantly slow down the aging process, enhance immunity, improve memory, and have a positive impact on human health and longevity.




In the busy pace of life, our bodies are constantly being attacked by stress, environmental pollution and bad habits, and the golden combination of PQQ and Coenzyme Q10 can not only help us to resist these external stresses, but also repair and protect our bodies at the cellular level.


By choosing ROCitin's Coenzyme Q10, you are choosing a healthier and more energetic future. Let's embark on this amazing journey of health and longevity together, and let ROCitin's Coenzyme Q10 be your right-hand man on the road to the top of your life!




Who is Coenzyme Q10 for?


1、Female: improve skin health, delay skin aging;

2、Middle-aged and the elderly: relieve sub-health problems and improve body functions;

3、High pressure people: improve the ability to resist pressure, keep the brain awake;

4, fitness crowd: repair sports injuries, improve body metabolism;

5、Pregnant people: assist in pregnancy preparation, enhance fertility;

6, health maintenance crowd: protect cardiovascular and heart function, prevent Parkinson's, improve cognitive ability; improve migraine, hypertension, etc.;

7, radiation environment workers: such as radiologists, nurses, crew members, etc., to improve the ability to repair radiation damage genes;



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