Holoenzyme Process

Breaking technology: Biological enzyme catalysis



Biological enzyme catalysis method is a process in which production is carried out in a biosynthesis process through specific engineering enzymes.
The threshold of this process is high, and the cost of several key enzyme catalysts are very expensive, accounting for about 80 per cent of the total production cost.
The NMN raw material produced by this method is highly purified and of good quality. It is good for absorption and performance, and safe for use

Excellent quality of ROCitin products through 
holoenzyme process



The ROCitin NMN products are produced through expensive holoenzyme process, which highly simulates the human body environment so to ensure our products are in good quality and under the safety product monitoring.

More information

Scientific and single formula is more beneficial for absorption


No mixing formula is added for ROCitin products,  ensure the absorption and circulation are not interfered.

Ensure high absorption rate inside intestines and ensue NMN to enter human tissues and organs through blood.

Moisture-proof combination bottle cap, perfect for quality


Moisture-proof agent is built within the cap to avoid direct contact with product to avoid any breakage or leakage contact or ingestion by mistake.

Safety and secured plant-base capsules


It is not easy for bacteria to breed in plant capsule; the product is good for absorption since the capsules are free of preservative and hazardous heavy metals. 

The milk-white capsule design for proctecting active ingredients


NMN is easily damaged by exposure to light, the opaque milk-white capsule shell is selected to avoid light.