Qualification Certificate

Switzerland-based SGS safety testing report



Meeting EU safety standards with SGS report 
Excluding 481 pesticides residues;  
Excluding ingredients of 360 common western drugs;  
The level of heavy metals and microorganisms are conformed. 

NMN content testing report



The test result of NMN content is ≥ 168 mg/capsule 
Our standard of the random test: NMN dose over 168mg/ capsule, while the actual result is 174mg/capsule
Dosage of ROCitin NMN is higher than most of similar products on the market.

CMA (Complex Metal Alloys) purity testing report



99.9% purity of NMN
The test result of purity of ROCitin NMN raw material is 99.9%.
The safety and quality of the products depend on the quality of the NMN raw material.
The purer the active ingredients of NMN, the better the absorption and effects of the products will be.

HDPE pharmaceutical container


German LFGB certification, bisphenol-A and hazardous metals free, higher safety coefficient.