German Medical Technology

Never stop innovating our 90 years of

pharmaceutical history



The spirit of ingenuity – a strong sense of obsession and concentration. Quality comes first, and straining toward what is ahead. Keep reaching new breakthroughs, and aim high!

Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers GmbH&Co.KG, founded in Germany in 1933, is dedicated to the development of local and herbal medicines, which is the highlight of the German pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers GmbH&Co.KG is committed to the quality standard of Germany, science, and nature, which is reflected in three core values - purity, reliability, and responsibility.

Time-Honored Brand Made in Germany

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    It is well known that products "Made in Germany" have received wide praise and recognition from consumers around the world through their reputation of high quality, high security, and high technology.

    The drug testing standard of Germany is one of the strictest in the world, and the pharmaceutical products markets in Germany are also regulated; while there are very few advertisements on drug and health products, the good word-of-mouth and reputation enable the products "Made in Germany" become favorite around the world.

    On this basis, ROCitin NMN continues to optimize and improve the quality of our products and services. We keep forging ahead while always putting quality on our high agenda. We commit ourselves to serving every customer sincerely while dedicating ourselves to the standardized, sound, and sustainable development of the industry!