Safety of NMN

Aging is reversible with clinical proven : 

The level of NAD+ starts decreasing in 30s. When a person reaches 60s, the level of NAD+ is less than a quarter comparing with young people; which means the efficiency of metabolism decreases at the same time; aging-related health conditions appear. 

NMN is the ideal supplement to restore NAD+.

A: 10 minutes after the oral administration, NMN is absorbed into the bloodstream.

B. 30 minutes later, NMN transformed into NAD+ and distribute throughout the body.

Natural and Endogenous Substance


NMN is a molecule naturally occurring an human body and it is widely found in natural food, such as vegetables, fungi, meat, and shrimp.

Clinical Trials on Application of  NMN


Japanese Keio University and Washington University jointly conducted clinical trials on application of NMN in human body. Japanese Hiroshima University conducted double-blind tests on long-term oral administration of NMN. There were no any adverse reaction or safety issue reported from the above clinical trials.

The Ingredients of NMN Approved By Japanese Government



NMN was put on the "Non-medical List" by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan on March 31, 2020 (YSJMF 0331. No. 9).

Anti-Radiation For Astronauts


Based on the fact that NMN is capable of repairing DNA damage, NASA has used it to protect astronauts from harming by cosmic rays and amyotrophy due to long-term gravity-free condition. NMN won iTech Top 10 awarded by NASA in 2016.