Latest research confirmed NMN intake of 600mg/ day a better dosage

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In recent years, scientists have made more and more clinical studies on NMN. A recent clinical trial confirmed that 600 mg of NMN every day might be a better dose.




The latest research confirmed that

An intake of 600mg/day of NMN could achieve better results.

This is a randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group and dose-dependent clinical trial in which 80 healthy middle-aged men were randomly assigned to a 60-day clinical trial, and they would orally take placebos, and 300 mg, 600 mg or 900 mg of NMN once a day to evaluate the safety and tolerance of the NMN supplementations and the changes of blood NAD+ concentration. The clinical efficacy was evaluated by measuring their physical performance (6-minute walking test), blood biological age (Aging.Ai3.0 calculator) and 36 short survey tools for subjective general health assessment (SF-36).




Participant characteristics

The 80 participants are middle-aged healthy adults aged 40 to 65, and their physical conditions are shown in the following table.






Blood NAD+ concentration

On the 30th and 60th days, the blood NAD+ concentration of all three NMN treatment groups increased significantly (Figure A). No abnormalities were found in clinical laboratory parameters of all participants.







6-minute walking test

The 6-minute walking test is a fixed-time field test widely used in various rehabilitation interventions. The distance in meters is recorded by the digital odometer of the treadmill to test the physical function of the participants. The walking distance is shown in figure B. Compared with the placebo group, all three NMN treatment groups had significantly longer walking distances on the 30th and 60th days. Compared with the 300 mg NMN treatment group, the participants in the 600 mg NMN treatment group had a longer walking distance on the 30th and 60th days.






Blood biological age

The results of blood biological age are shown in figure C. In NMN treatment group, the biological age of blood did not change significantly with time. In the placebo group, the biological age of blood increased significantly from baseline to day 60.







SF-36 questionnaire score (general subjective health assessment)

All three NMN treatment groups had significantly higher SF-36 scores at a dosage of 600 mg and 900 mg on the 30th and 60th day, while the SF-36 scores in the placebo group showed no significant change, as shown in Figure E.







The research finally confirmed that

600mg of NMN is a better dosage.

The research finally confirmed that NMN supplementation was safe and had better tolerance at a daily dose of up to 900 mg. The SF-36 evaluation test showed that NMN supplementation could improve the overall health conditions of middle-aged people over a span of 60 days and that NMN supplementation had a positive effect on the physical endurance and general health conditions of healthy adults. The comparison between the blood NAD+ concentration and physical performance at a dosage of 600 mg and 900 mg of oral intake of NMN on a daily basis showed that there was little difference between their clinical effects. The comprehensive evaluation showed that an oral intake of 600 mg of NMN every day is a better dosage.




Whom are NMN suitable for?

1. Women: Improve skin conditions and delay skin aging;

2. Middle-aged and the elderly: Alleviate sub-health problems and help improve physical functions;

3. People suffering from high stress: Improve stress resistance and maintain a clear mind;

4. People who exercise: Repair sports injuries and improve body metabolism;

5. Drinkers: Improve the ability to detoxify alcohol and protect the liver.

6. Workers in radiation environment: Such as radiologists, nurses, crew members in radiology department, etc., to improve the repair ability of radiation damaged genes;


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