Climb to the Infinite, ROCitin NMN, A New Launch Double Safeguards Your Health!

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The world is changing and life is unpredictable. The three-year pandemic not only posts a test to the time, but also a test to the life. The bell of New Yea has been sounded, marking the arrival of the post-pandemic era.


Health is the Necessity for You to Reach the Heights


When I recall the scenes of last year, thousands of thoughts welled up in my heart. A number of university professors, scholars, and backbones of various professional fields passed away one after another. They reminded us that although viruses are ruthless, they could not attach those with strong immunity. Many critically ill individuals are middle-aged and the elderly with underlying diseases and those with poor physical fitness. Only three months after the comprehensive liberalizing of the pandemic, incomplete statistics showed that over a hundred university professors and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences passed away, with the youngest being only at his 30s. It was regrettable.



So currently, there is nothing more important than having a healthy body. Only keep yourself healthy, be the first person responsible for your health, maintain good physical conditions, and handle it calmly can you overcome numerous obstacles and usher in the peak of prosperity.



Climb to the Infinite, A New Launch of ROCitin NMN 20160


As a pioneer in the NMN industry, ROCitin has always adhered to scientific and rigorous product standards, upholding the mission of empowering human health and assisting in the healthy development of the anti-aging industry. According to the latest authoritative NMN research, a daily intake of 600mg of NMN will achieve better absorption. Therefore, the new NMN product 20160 of ROCitin is further optimized and upgraded based on the original product formula. Each new capsule contains 336mg of NMN, which has doubled compared to the previous series. Taking two capsules a day can achieve better effects, showing more prominent absorption.


Stay True with Original Intention, Every Capsule the German Quality

ROCitin NMN originated from the Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers in Germany. Like many century-old  German enterprises, the Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers has accumulated and developed continuously for nearly a century. With strong production strength, innovative genes, technological research and development, advanced modern production equipment, strict standardization and other strengths, it has received support and recognition from the European Union and the world.



Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers integrates the spirit of German craftsmanship into the ROCitin NMN products, strictly follows GMP production standards, produces healthcare products with pharmaceutical standards, attaches great importance to every production detail, pursues extremely high quality and safety, and strictly controls the source to focus you on mounting the heights.




In addition to the support of German pharmaceutical technology, ROCitin NMN has always pursued quality and safety since its inception. From material selection to packaging, every link is carefully performed to transmit health to consumers.





Whom are NMN suitable for?

1. Women: Improve skin conditions and delay skin aging;

2. Middle-aged and the elderly: Alleviate sub-health problems and help improve physical functions;

3. People suffering from high stress: Improve stress resistance and maintain a clear mind;

4. People who exercise: Repair sports injuries and improve body metabolism;

5. Drinkers: Improve the ability to detoxify alcohol and protect the liver.

6. Workers in radiation environment: Such as radiologists, nurses, crew members in radiology department, etc., to improve the repair ability of radiation damaged genes;





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